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Every business faces unique risks that could threaten its operations and ability to compete. That’s why a tailored insurance solution, designed to mitigate an organisation’s specific risks, is essential.


At Galaxy, we have more than 30 years’ experience creating bespoke insurance solutions for corporate organisations of all sizes, across a range of industries. Our consultants will work closely with your business to understand your corporate objectives and any associated exposures you may have. We will identify the best solutions to mitigate your organisation’s risks – so you can continue to run your business with confidence.



Explore our range of specialisations.

Employee benefits

Employee Benefits


Most companies in Singapore provide medical insurance to their employees as a part of their employee benefit. The typical cover entails Outpatient(GP), Outpatient(SP), Group Hospitalisation and Surgical, Group Major Medical, Group Term Life and Group Personal Accident.

Group Personal Accident


A Personal Accident policy typically provides Medical coverage and a lump sum payment in the event the insured met with an accident and is permanently disabled or death. You can even extend it to provide you with a weekly payout in the event you are disabled due to an accident.

Group Travel Insurance


As its name suggest, travel insurance is purchased for any overseas travel. These plans cover you for medical treatment, lump sum payments in the event of death/permanent disability and travel inconvenience during the trip. Travel insurance can be covered for both business and leisure travels.

Financial Lines / Liability

Public Liability Insurance


Public Liability is a quite common insurance. Landlords often include it as part of the rental agreement. It typically covers the property owner/occupier for injuries which a third party may suffer whilst at a property. A common example is if someone were to visit an office, then slips due to a puddle of water being present and injures him/herself, they could in theory hold the business liable for injury as there was no sign indicating the floor is wet. A public liability would cover the legal cost arising out of such situation.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance


Directors and Officers liability is an area which has experienced a significant growth in interest over the past couple of years. This is meant to cover legal liabilities arising out of the negligence of a Director. Take for example a Director signs off a set of financial accounts which is then distributed to shareholders and as it turns out, the accounts were incorrect, and showed a more favorable standing (due to negligence, not fraud) instead of the actual. The shareholders of the company may then choose to hold the Director legally liable. The D&O policy would typically cover the legal compensation awarded and the defense costs.

Product Liability Insurance


Product Liability is meant to cover legal liabilities that may arise from a third party using your product. In addition, one would usually like their defense costs to be covered as well. Take for example if you are a grocer and sell vegetables, and someone suffers food poisoning after consuming the vegetables, they may hold you liable for the illness caused by the vegetables which you sold them. A product liability would cover the legal cost arising out of such situation.

Cyber Liability Insurance


Cyber risks are certainly more prominent in today’s digital world. A cyber liability policy would cover the costs associated with a cyber incident, such a hack on a business’ IT infrastructure resulting in the theft of individual information. It also covers cost the cost restoring the IT infrastructure to its original state prior to the hack. In addition, a cyber liability policy can possibly cover the legal liability arising out of a cyber incident.


A Cyber claim usually results in a huge financial loss and thus on top of a police report, you may also be required to produce evidence of profit loss as a result of the attacks.

Professional Indemnity Insurance


Professional Indemnity typically covers you for liability arising out of professional negligence, breach of professional duties, slender, wrongful advice, errors and omission, resulting in a financial loss.

Errors and Omissions Insurance


An Errors and Omissions cover provides a reimbursement for losses incurred to your company in the event your client takes legal action on you for inadequate work or negligence on your part as a business.

Events Cancellation Insurance


Events cancellation insurance can be quite dynamic. It covers losses incurred on revenue or expenses when an event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control. For example, if the main performer at a concert falls ill and is unable to perform, as an event organiser, you may need to provide a refund to ticket holders.

Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)


It is mandatory to have Work Injury Compensation Insurance(WICA) for all employees doing manual work, as well as all employees earning S$2,600 or less a month. Apart from the regulatory requirement, a business can potentially be held liable for injury arising in the source of and/or due to work.


A Work Injury Claim is usually triggered when a notification is sent to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). MOM will then notify the insurer to act on it. It covers the Medical Costs as well as a lump sum payment depending on the severity of the incapacity/death. Feel free to reach out to us or leave your contact so that we can provide you with a more comprehensive advisory on the necessary classes of insurance.

Property Class

Property Insurance


Property insurance is fundamental to any business. Think about the cost resulted from a fire. Rebuilding the office, replacing damaged goods, and many more can deplete the company’s reserve, and that is how a property insurance can reduce these risks to your business.

Machinery Breakdown and Consequential Loss Insurance


Machinery Breakdown and Consequential loss insurance is meant to mitigate the financial impact of such an event. It fundamentally covers the actual loss gross profit as a result of a machinery breakdown causing a business interruption.

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Motor Insurance


It is mandatory for all motor vehicles owners to have at least a Third Party Insurance cover. However, a comprehensive insurance would be our recommendation as it provides coverage for damage to your vehicle and your legal liability towards third parties. Fleet policies arrangements are available.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Insurance

The business package simplifies the insurance requirements of a small business and includes Property, Public Liability, Money, Work Injury Compensation and many other classes. These are essential classes of insurances that many businesses look into. To have them packaged into one policy will help ease the administrative aspect as SMEs usually have a smaller sum insured and will be more manageable to have their collective insurances in one plan. The premium will be at a more affordable rate as well.

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo cover is meant to cover goods in transit from one point to another. For example, if you have goods being shipped from South Korea to Singapore, via sea, a Marine Cargo policy can cover you against, theft, damage or even loss of the entire cargo is the ship sinks. All of these however depend on the clauses indicated in the cover selected.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance allows businesses to better manage their credit exposure. For example, if a business sells goods on credit, but they buyer defaults on the payments, trade credit insurance can cover such a loss.

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